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Friendly Reminder that Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch arrives 2019!

Animal Crossing has officially been announced for Nintendo Switch in 2019! Yes, technically this is old news, however, Animal Crossing fans have been waiting for this announcement ever since the Switch was released. Want to rewatch the announcement?You can check it out here.

New Pikachu added to Pokémon GO!

As of today, a new hat-wearing Pikachu can be spotted in Pokémon GO. The appearance of the Pikachu correlates with the release of some new avatar items available in the Pokémon GO style shop. These items have been created by Japanese streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and can be added to

Yooka-Laylee Join the Brawlout Lineup

Yooka and Laylee are the latest guest fighters to join Brawlout, currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is soon to be released on Playstation 4. Check out the PS4 trailer below to see Yooka and Laylee in action!

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